Friday, August 22, 2008

New Movie about the U.S. National Debt Opens Today

I.O.U.S.A., a new documentary about the U.S. national debt, opens in ten cities across the U.S. today. It is said to be An Inconvenient Truth for the U.S. economy. Here is the official movie trailer:

A review of the movie is here. There are also two associated books, Empire of Debt and the yet-to-be-released I.O.U.S.A.

Locally, in the DC Area it is playing at:
  • REGAL ---- Fairfax Towne Center 10 ---- Fairfax, VA
  • REGAL ---- Ballston Common 12 ---- Arlington, VA
For locations in other cities, opening August 22nd go here.


  1. I plan to see it Saturday night.

  2. Good thing that slowing the growth of US debt during a recession won't effect home prices is Alexandria. ;)

    News articles are springing up about European bond raters threatening to pull the USA's AAA bond rating if the bail outs become too expensive. Oh boy would that have an impact on government salaries.

    Remember, in the Great Depression the government not only downsized but there were TWO 10% across the board pay cuts! (Source: IKE, the book I'm currently reading.)

    Got Popcorn?

  3. I was at the premiere Thursday night. Excellent movie. Everyone needs to see it before the election. The premiere had a live feed with Buffett and other in a Q&A forum.