Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The housing bubble won't be coming back

According to The Business Insider, "house prices may never recover":
House prices will eventually stop falling, probably in about two years. But will they ever recover to the levels we saw during the heights of boom? In some areas, prices might climb that high again. But for most markets, such a recovery will probably never happen, and would take decades it were to occur.
On the whole, I have to agree with this in inflation-adjusted terms. In nominal terms, it will take decades (plural). To make things simple, I will define "never" as within our lifetimes.


  1. This blog was more interesting with the "Gay Oil Guru", the "Alphabet Street" guy, and all the other commentors who used to visit daily.

  2. This is so much freaking nonsense.

  3. This is only the very beginning of these sorts of assertions. Wait another 18 months and everyone everywhere will be saying that prices will never, ever recover, EVAR! Give it 10 years and Southern California will not only recover, prices will be right back where they were and beyond. Sure, there are some places where prices may never return to what they were - but those are going to be the exception, not the norm.