Thursday, November 26, 2009

Federal housing subsidies are insane

Federal housing subsidies are insane.


  1. Agree 100% The government should support renters, when they go bust it is much cheaper!

    Happy Thanksgiving all.

  2. I agree with these facts completely. Policy expansion is definitely going to create risks for American taxpayers.

  3. As mentioned before, with society backstopping so-called "toxic assets" that are wound up in unregulated and opaque derivatives like CDOs and CDSs, it makes sense to stimulate the mortgage market to unwind those positions. (More mortgages in straightforward vehicles which can be renegotiated if necessary.).

    The problem is that a libertarian advocacy group like Cato wouldn't want to regulate the opaque derivatives market because "free markets get it right" (when, obviously the recent meltdown proves they don't.). They probably wouldn't even have supported the bailout, preferring a total meltdown because "free markets" are about "losers benefiting winners," and thus creating a stronger market (even if everyone who didn't participate in the market have to suffer too).

    They're just looking at a micro-economic condition, ignoring the macro-economics (or, more likely, hoping recipients of their pamphleteering ignore Cato's libertarian macro view (wink)).

    For a discussion of the problem with libertarianism (as it guides Cato's pamphelteering) see the immediately preceeding blog entry's comments.

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