Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Senator Dodd to retire

Good news:
Leading Democratic Senator Christopher J. Dodd, chairman of the Banking Committee, will announce Wednesday that he is retiring, NBC News has learned.

Dodd is a centrist and his popularity fell as the economy was gripped by a long recession brought on by the financial crisis.

Over the years, the Connecticut senator has raised millions of dollars from employees of Wall Street firms.
Senator Chris Dodd is a buffoon. He's the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, yet has little understanding of the economy. He has been a leading advocate of homeowner bailouts. It's good to see him go.

His retirement probably reflects the fact that he has little chance of getting re-elected anyhow.


  1. Now, if we could only get that imbecile Barney Frank to retire...

    Good riddance.

  2. Dodd was probably going to be indicted finally for some of his alleged High Crimes and Treasonous activities of the past 30 years or so. Dodd = POS. Let's hope he get hit by a train or his cancer returns to his prostate soon. Another pension we wouldn't have to pay.

    Barkey Warmonger Liar Benito MaObama and his p*ssy wimp lapdog so-called attorney general (lower case AG) Holder have not prosecuted a single guilty felon in the nations financial trainwreck. They are GUILTY for not punishing the guilty.

    Obama and Holder should arrest themselves today, step aside and down from their stations and slink back to where they once came. Obama could probably get his old streetcorner back in the South Side where he could hang out a smoke a few Kools with his homies.

    Mayor Dailey I & II must be So Embarrassed by Sotero...

  3. This is going to make things MUCH easier for Peter Schiff!! HOORAY!

  4. Kahner! Dear Kahner! This administration is taking us to the poor house. There's noway we will ever be able to repay our national debt! The government needs to stop propping up the housing market and other sectors. The economy would be able to stand on its own much much faster if they stop the stupid stimulus this stimulus that....

    Let the weak banks or companies go under... that will pave the way to much healthier companies to take over. Let the market do its magic. It will cleanse the excess.

  5. Anonymous Idiot, Dear Anonymous Idiot! Whether or not that is true (I'm quite sure its not, but that's beside the point), your silly, racist rant just undermines anything you say. But of course, there is the beauty of anonymous internet postings. You're never held accountable for anything you say. Instead you can just ignore it when you get called and and fail to respond to the substance of my post. Ah well, I guess I'll just go hang with my homies on the corner smoking kools with all the black guys who are law professors and US presidents. Cause that's what ethnic people are like, no matter what they've accomplished.