Monday, February 01, 2010

Spammy spam spam

Note to readers: Due to intensified link spamming recently, I have turned on full comment moderation. Sorry, I hate comment moderation as much as you do.


  1. What do you mean? Aren't you interested in profitable investment opportunities?

    All Bubble Meter readers should know that they can send me $10,000 needed to free up my Nigerian oil inheritance and I will send them$30,000 in three months. If they send me their credit card information, socialist security numbers, and dates of birth, the return may be up to $50,000.

  2. 50,000? I counter offer all readers 100,000 from MY nigerian inheritance. My father was a wealthy banker, after all.

  3. Ah, Kahner. Sounds like I could be luck best customer top quality with your most profitable business arrangement.