Friday, May 28, 2010

U.S. national debt hits $13 trillion

The U.S. Total Public Debt has hit a new record:
The U.S. national debt has passed the $13 trillion mark, according to, an independent website that tracks the real-time growth of U.S. revenues and spending.

On Tuesday, the national debt stood at $12,995,779,490,444.52, according to the Treasury Department's national debt-tracking website
Federal Debt Held by the Public, a better measure of the national debt because it doesn't count money some parts of the government owe to other parts of the government, is just shy of $8.5 trillion according to To put things in perspective, that's $75,973 per U.S. household.

Here's a graph of Federal Debt Held by the Public as of year-end 2009:


  1. Its going to be funny when the US mails back its keys too. That sh*t is never going to be paid back.

  2. Actually, if you factor in the unfunded Social Security, Medicare, and other obligations (like Fannie and Freddie), the debt is $201,00 per person! That's almost incomprehensible, but I'm making a video game to challenge people to payoff their share and learn just how huge that number really is.

  3. "challenge people to payoff their share"

    My share is $0. Ive paid into the system and havent recieved any benefits or bailouts. I dont play video games either.

  4. The US debt will be written off via a significant US dollar devaluation. This could lead to a new currency.