Thursday, January 05, 2012

Zillow CEO on housing market


  1. It's just too easy to make predictions based on the entire country.  There are certain pockets that are doing well, some not so.  I've looked back at the predictions of a number of these guys, and they seem to be right about 50% of the time.  Sort of like flipping a coin.

  2. Well, after 3 years of saying ridiculous things like; oh, next year we'll  see a turn around and recovery (since 2009) and every year since, these idiots are finally beginning to hedge on the more conservative side. If more listened to the likes of Case, Shiller, Roubini and Williams, there would be little conjecture and doubt. 

    The RE industry is its own worst enemy. Poor research, poor analysis made by incompetent economists resulted in sub-par and false data. Plus, it's an business that relies nearly solely on sales. Of course they will cheerlead in any circumstance. That is why inside reports from the industry are laughable. 

    My latest artice.

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