Wednesday, April 09, 2008

BubbleSphere Roundup

Cash For Keys (The Real Estate Bloggers)

The Boom That Wasn't (NYTimes)

NARcasting The Future: April 2008 (Paper Economy). Do you need more evidence that the NAR has a very lousy prediction record over the past 4 years?

Tomorrow, on April 10th, is the March MRIS numbers for the Washington, Baltimore area. Stay tuned. These are important number because almost always March has many more transactions then February.


  1. Thoughts on Comstock Homebuliding? Developers of the "Eclipse" in Arlington...latest article:

  2. That page..., About Comstock Homebuilding

    I'm as big a housing bull as Lance but the Eclipse is nuts. It's on a busy commuting highway, Route 1 is 7 or 8 lanes wide there (including the turn lanes). You're sniffing distance to Metro's bus barns (diesel fumes) and the big regional sewage plant. Planes are roaring into Ronald McDonald Airport all day and half the night.

    You over look a couple used car lots and repair shops, granted it's Porsche and BMW but still.

    What were they thinking?

  3. Very strong numbers for Arlington for March...

  4. The MRIS numbers are out. Ouch. I thought they'd be bad. But not this bad.