Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Upcoming Case-Shiller numbers expected to show price declines

Goldman Sachs expects the September Case-Shiller numbers to show home price declines:
Case-Shiller figures for September aren’t due until later this month, but analysts at Goldman Sachs are forecasting that price drops accelerated into autumn. In a note released Monday, Goldman estimates that the index will show that home prices declined by 0.45% in the three month period ending in September.
The next update of the S&P/Case-Shiller index is due to be released on Tuesday, November 30th.


  1. that sound is partisan biting his nails

  2. Why would I be biting my nails? Its the autumn and prices are set to do what they do every year. I consistently said a bottom of 160 was a possibility. Recall what I said to you a little more than a year ago:

    "Yeah - ill take it easy on you as the prices will start their usual seasonal slippage in the fall, and I will catch an earful then - especially if we go below 160. Still, getting down to your non crow eating 110 is getting less and less likely.

    August 25, 2009 2:32 PM"

    So again, why should I be concerned?

  3. From the article

    "Goldman economists predict that prices declined in almost every city tracked by Case-Shiller, with the largest declines coming in San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Seattle.

    Prices gained in only one market, Washington, D.C..."

    Translation - its different here...

  4. Translation - its different here...

    I'm really starting to believe it is: the government is recession-proof!

    Now we get to see if the Government is Tea-bagger/GOP-Austrian-proof...or whether the class of '10 gets corrupted or changed by DC the same way the "term limit pledge" class of '94 found themselves still running for office a decade later.