Thursday, July 28, 2005

Google Fight: 'Housing Bubble' vs. 'Housing Boom'

Google Fight where you can 'compare the number of results for two competing keywords' is a fun and useful site. In a Google Fight between 'housing boom' and 'housing bubble', the term 'housing boom' clearly wins.

The term 'housing bubble' had 986,000 hits on Google whereas 'housing boom' had 1,770,000 hits. I'll continue to monitor these numbers as the housing bubble pops.


  1. That's awesome. If you did that every day, you could make a line graph for each 'housing bubble' and 'housing boom'. Then see when the lines cross.

  2. In fact, I think I am going to start doing just that on my blog.

  3. Master the Google API, and that kind of thing becomes reasonably easy.

    FYI, "housing [boom|bubble] 2006" results in a 189k vs 125k win of housing boom. Hmm.


  4. These numbers won't mean much quantitatively.

    Qualitavitely they only tell you what number of hits Google has found. But this has flaws, such as websites like yours that mention both the terms will be linked on both accounts. Also, the housing has been in a boom for several years, which also adds to the 'housing boom' column.

    It would be interesting to see the rate of the increase of the 'housing bubble' search terms. And if it ends up having any correlation to the actual timing of the burst - though I would expect the number of hits for 'housing bubble' to skyrocket only after the burst has gone on for a while.


  5. "These numbers won't mean much quantitatively"

    You are right. Let's see how they change.

  6. I do believe the bubble lost that fight :(