Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Housing Bubble Blog is Down

Ben Jones's Housing Bubble Blog is not functioning properly again. Ben wrote this morning that:
This is the weirdest thing yet. It looks like they swithed urls or
something. Hold onto your hats guys, hopefully they will get this fixed soon.

Why is this happening to Ben's Blog? Is it because someone has been hacking it? Or perhaps it is due to the huge amount of postings / comments it is much more likely to have technical problems? Or some other reason?

Whatever the reason, I hope Ben's superb blog is up and running normally very shortly. You rock Ben!


  1. I don't think it's random. All his blogs are gone. May be he was hacked by "havoc"...

  2. Maybe RE people hacked Ben's blogs

  3. It could be an internal job done by Google engineers. Google depends on the housing bubble. Their enployees in the Bay Area depends on the housing bubble.

    After the burst, Google will probably return to its fair value of about $25-35 a share.

    This loss of hope among those arrogant engineers will bring despair. Soon enough, google will be crushed by the Mighty M once and for all.