Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Blog Rules

In order to create a more perfect blog, these are the rules that will be followed. Additional rules may be added as necessary.

1) I shall be the final decision maker as to what comments are acceptable on this blog.

2) Any personal insults directed at me or commentators on this site will be deleted. Calling me or others 'stupid', 'moron', 'pathetic' is NOT allowed. Ad Hominem attacks are not allowed against me or commentators. [However, one can call a particular comment 'pathetic', 'moronic' etc if they give a reason.]

3) Any comment that is entirely unrelated to the post is highly likely to be deleted. [If the post is about foreclosures and you comment about conditions in the Chinese prison system].

4) Any comment which uses foul language such as 'f*ck', 'sh*t' is highly likely to be deleted.

5) Commentators often ask for more evidence when I post. This is acceptable. Please bear in mind that I have a full time job and can't answer everyone's questions or requests. Attacks against me for not responding to a question or comment are prohibited.

6) I do indeed welcome opposing opinions on this blog as long as they follow the blog rules detailed in this post. [If someone would like to construct a well reasoned post on why there will be a soft landing or why the boom will start up again I will post it].

7) Statements that clearly are false will be deleted. [China has less land mass then Singapore. Or everyone in China is wealthy.]

8) If there are any questions regarding blog rules please email me at .