Sunday, June 25, 2006

BubbleSphere Roundup

The BubbleSphere seems to have hit peak and now is undergoing its own bubble of sorts. On June 6th I reported that Housing Bubble Blogs Falling Like Flies. The good news is that the blog is back up and running. However, the rest of the bunch are still down and out.

Now, a decent number of the remaining BubbleSphere blogs have not been updated in the past few weeks.
    It is sad to see so many housing bubble blogs have not been updated in a while. Blogs that have not been updated in more than a month may be removed from my blogroll.


    1. skytrekker,

      " I tried to post at BOY in the housing bubble- but it seems the site has tech problems."

      He told me thatb he disabled comments about a month ago.

      "Bubble Meter is one of the survivors- and thriving."

      Thanks. :-)

    2. Great Post !!
      Hope you have decide to continue the blog.
      The best is yet to come.

    3. anon,

      "Hope you have decide to continue the blog."

      Oh I will! :-)

    4. Thatz Great David.

      The out-of-control posts definitely
      need to be given a heavy hand.

      We support you on that.

    5. Looks like most bubbleheads are giving up.

    6. Seattle Bubble went down when Tim went on vacation.

      He'll be back tonight so hopefully it'll get fixed.

      Are these blogs being hacked?

    7. Maybe they're just busy buying up the bargain properties before others get the same idea.

    8. Managing any kind of news/op-ed type blog and posting new content on a regular basis is a lot of work. News blogs are different from personal diary-type blogs, since articles you write need to be researched and take more time to write.

      A lot of bloggers start out, then get too busy with other things(work, etc.) and the blog falls by the wayside.

      I wonder how many of these bubble blogs will start to come back after things start to get REALLY interesting in the housing market in the coming months...

    9. Just noticed that the Northern Virginia Bubble link isn't working this morning either.

    10. The DC Bubbleblog is also dying. Last thread was June 20, the one before June 4. It has been fairly active prior to then ... then suddenly died. It could be summer's here and the bloggers have better things to do with their time. Or, it could be like when folks were waiting for the second coming at the end of the 90s ... It took a while for folks to realize that nothing was going to happen, but since there wasn't a definite moment when that became known, people just gradually lost interest in the subject. I'm sure predictions of doom and gloom - and how they are ultimately "resolved" --- are a phenonenom that have been studied somewhere.

    11. it could be the vast real estate-wing conspiracy in a last ditch effort to keep prices afloat.

      my guess is that hits to these blogs have gone up tremendously in the past few months.

      I wouldn't put it past certain groups to hire hackers to try to shut these sites down.

    12. or maybe the real estate agents are inviting the bloggers down to their new estates on the beach in costa rica that they bought with their extravagant profits from the last serveral years. lord knows, they must have more time to visit these estates now that the real estate market has slowed! and there's nothing wrong with the bloggers getting a piece of the action!

    13. Or it could be that people get tired of reading the same non-stop gloom and doom from renters who need validation of their financial and personal housing decisions.