Thursday, August 17, 2006

BubbleSphere Roundup

Sacramento Land(ing) reports on falling median sales price in Sacramento.

July 2006 sales data in the San Francisco area is nicely graphed by Marinite. "The median price paid for a Bay Area home was $627,000 last month. That was down 2.6 percent from June's record $644,000, and up 3.5 percent from $606,000 for July a year ago."

Some interesting posts at Northern New Jersey Real Estate Bubble. :-)

Bubble Markets Inventory Tracking continues to track inventory in such places as Orange County, San Diego County, Phoenix Metro area and many others.

High Housing starts in Vancouver area. "The July number is the 2nd highest so far this year, and is 32% higher than July 05, and 48% higher than July 04"

DC Bubble Blog has been removed from the blogroll as there has not been a post since July 22nd.

Florida Paradise Lost has beed added to my blogroll. Solid blog!


  1. The numbers on the Northern New Jersey link are interesting. To think that prices on condos in 1997 could be that much less than they were in 1987. Crazy stuff. I would not want to be someone that bought a condo last year in the DC area.

  2. For those interested in NYC, I suggest It is written by a NYC RE broker with a very skeptical take on the local industry.

  3. "please add another Bay Area blog I found which isn't getting the attention it deserves."

    It will not be added, as it has not been updated since May 15th!

  4. David,

    As someone who's read your blog regularly, I must send a message of caution to you - keep in mind that blogs are permanent record, you do not know who is making permanent records of them and where. As such, act responsibily when you make statements such as in the recent posting regarding the value counter.

    Trust me, years later, if you read what you wrote on that particular posting (regarding writing the BBB, and contacting attorneys, etc.), you will at a minimum cringe in embarrasment. More likely, you'll have regret at your amatuer behavior.

    Have the courage to let this message be seen by all. I encourage you to carefully think about your next posting. I think you've done a good job, but every now and then you definately go off the deep end.

  5. Could rising gas prices kill the suburbs?

    When a high-cost commute reaches the point of no-return, home buyers will start finding houses closer to work. In fact, some already are.

    "Rising fuel costs are being blamed for everything from soaring utility costs to lower retail sales and higher airline tickets. And now, experts say high gas prices could reshape U.S. cities."

    Link to article on

  6. Frederick, Maryland
    Homebuilders cut jobs as slowdown deepens

  7. anon,

    "Trust me, years later, if you read what you wrote on that particular posting (regarding writing the BBB, and contacting attorneys, etc.), you will at a minimum cringe in embarrasment. More likely, you'll have regret at your amatuer behavior."

    I never said I would contact attorneys that was some anonymous commentator. As for regretting my posts, I may regret a few of my post years down the road. I doubt I will regret this one about saying if they DROdio fails to remove the decpetive price counter I would contact the BBB and the media. Thanks for your comments.

  8. Does anyone know what the market for properties in Rehoboth Beach village has been like lately? An acquaintance just listed a new home 4 BRs right in town, but still quite a long walk to the beach... We're talking just under $1.5 mill. It's a nice house, but that seems awfully expensive and I've seen plenty others in Rehoboth listed in this price range or cheaper. Unfortunately, he has to sell and cannot afford to carry this for six months or more. Are properties in this price range selling in Rehoboth? I'm afraid he's going to be screwed big time.

  9. anon said:
    "I'm afraid he's going to be screwed big time."

    then be a REAL friend and buy it from him at asking price! yeah, I know ... you're just relishing in the fact that he may have to lose money on the beach house you wish you could afford. Jealousy really isn't pretty. And please don't try to claim that you were being sincere in your concern for your "friend". One doesn't used the word "screwed" in this context when they are being sincere. Just remember about Karma ... What goes around, comes around. Good luck!

  10. one minor correction ... yes, he's an "acquaintance" ... at least you had the "decency" to distance yourself from the person you were wishing harm on.

  11. YOU should buy it from him Lance.

    Why don't you?

    All your finances seem to be in order....