Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hurricane Season Heats Up in Bubblicious Florida

Topical Storm Chris threatens bubblicious southern Florida. Lets hope that this one does not strengthen and become a hurricane.

Hurricane Season is Here (June 1, 2006)


  1. OT, but Northern VA Inventories are dropping this week. Had been high and flat, but starting to drop. Could this be the DCB or did the spring season come late?

  2. neither. happens every month-end as listings expire. watch it climb back up as August drags on.

  3. This time last year we had already had 7 named storms compared to 3 so far. Do this mean we have entered into a period of global cooling? I thought we we supposed to have have even more storms this year! Can Al Gore be wrong? It's science!

  4. From Newsweek, November 23, 1992, "Return of the Glaciers" by Gregg Easterbrook:

    "Scientists think the next ice age will begin within 2,000 years. One theory suggests the greenhouse effect may even bring it on sooner, making tropical real estate a smart buy."