Friday, September 29, 2006

BubbleSphere Roundup

SacramentoLand(ing) reports about Sacramento Region Median Prices - August 2006. Median sales price in Placer County again leads the way down with a double-digit decline. Yikes!

Keith says HP message to the REIC - kiss my blogger butt. For those who don't know REIC = is the Real Estate Industrial Complex.

Mortgage & Loan: Focused Like A Lazear @ Blog.

The most informative Paper Money report that Home prices are being SLASHED! In Massachusetts. Perhaps a bit dramatic, but the blogger blogs "Ouch! You can chalk another mark up in the column of total housing collapse in Massachusetts."

Banks more exposed to residential real estate. Oh my!

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  1. What is the "vibrancy" in the economy that Lazear spoke about ??? Perhaps Debt Collection???