Tuesday, September 19, 2006

NAR: Learn How to Stay Hot in a Cooling Market

In one of the articles linked in their section it is written: "Make sure the price is right. Become masterful at pricing right the first time. Don’t add to the problem of oversupply and increased absorption rates. Every time a home is priced to “expire,” you increase the number of FSBOs on the market. How? When a listing expires, it’s not uncommon for the owner to get mad at the whole real estate profession. They might just try selling on their own the next time around." Heaven forbid they sould not use a Realtor!


  1. Don't forget that you can influence the market kids!

    All you have to do is relentlessly defend housing prices against any attack on your local internet blog.

    By explaining to all readers that a "new paradigm" has emerged where real estate is no longer dependent on any fundamentals whatsoever you can insure that real estate will rise forever!

    You will be a member of the new home owning aristocracy while the bitter renters of the world are reduced to landless serfs continually being evicted from their pathetic rental units by landlords who get bored with their current tenets and decide to bring in some new ones to spice things up a bit.

    Also, you should keep in mind that housing isn't an investment... it is a sign of success, and more importantly, self respect. Not owning a home is an unmistakable symptom of being an unredeemable failure doomed to be forever priced out of a market that is not subject to the laws that have limited real estate's growth the last 100 years or so...

    Oh yeah... of course if the price of your "home" does happen to appreciate it is immediately a wise "investment" and you are Warren Buffet for having the foresight to be a condo in 1996.

  2. They'll most likely overprice it as a FSBO.

  3. anon 6:31

    Ha! I actually laughed. Thanks.


  4. Quick! Read this before they pull it! No offers on your home? Just relist!


  5. Wow owning a house gives gets you respect.
    Another Realtor myth. The deceptive practices are still alive and kicking. A few more tough years will force an attitude adjustment on the Realtors.

  6. The following article is SATIRE... but it does sound a lot like Lance so it is relevent.


    Home Sales Dropping
    September 20, 2006 | Issue 42•38

    For the third straight month, sales on preexisting homes dropped, leading realtors to call it a "buyer's market." Here are some strategies sellers are using to entice buyers:

    Dropping price by 50 bucks [most people]

    Carrying around wad of money; acting like owning this house got them that money [Lance]

    Pointing out dishwasher several times

    Explaining to potential buyers how fulfilling it is to make mortgage payment on time

    Telling long, touching story about how grandmother needs $312,500 for kidney operation

    Letting third blouse button go

    Drowning out sound of noisy furnace with soulful vocals of Michael McDonald

    Reassuring buyers that people purchase things they can't afford all the time [Lance+++]

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    Anyone know what happened to Ben's Blog? It's been down for 16+ hours. Did the REIC sabotage it?