Sunday, March 18, 2007

David Lereah Watch Tops Google Search

The David Lereah Watch Blog has made it to #1 on a Google search for 'David Lereah'. I'm thrilled. :-) David Lereah Watch is my other blog.

David Lereah Watch is #1 and #2. The third spot goes to Wikipedia. Finally, #4 is David Lereah's Bio on Realtor's Site. Take that David Lereah!


  1. too funny, I guess in some weird way congratulations are in order.

  2. Congrats David. You're providing a real service to the public by holding this shill accountable.

  3. Congrats. I love your blogs. They are a part of my daily reading material.

  4. Congrats. Your blogs are the best... We all need to do our part to provide an alternative viewpoint and bring some sanity back into the equation.

    Who got rich in the California gold rush? Not the prospectors, it's the guys who sold the picks and shovels... He's trying to keep his gravy train rolling, and that means that he needs more fools to listen to him.

    Check out the NAR's "stats" on affordability if you want a laugh. They assume a 20% down payment, and a median household income of $58,000 (if you check the census bureau, the median income was $43,000 in 2003... where'd that extra $15,000 come from and where can we pick it up?)... assuming 3% salary growth... it should be closer to $48,000 right now.

    They also leave out taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs. What a joke...

    Yeah, if someone could toss the average Joe $45,000 and bump his income by $10 - $15 grand, AND pay for taxes, insurance and any maintenance, then he can definitely afford a house.

    Keep it up.

  5. Great. Now his mom is going to start crying again.

  6. Note Lereah loses early --

    Funny stuff...

  7. This is a great blog exposing the unethical corrupt bunch of them.

    Thanks for saving my @$$. Nearly signed and bought a bnloated over priced house with some toxic loan. Your blog and a few others kept me from doing in after being pressured by every greedy dirt bags.

  8. I love google, and DLW

    You know he googles himself every day, and is wondering if he should kill you

    Be careful out there! He'll sick him mom on you!

    Keith - HP