Monday, May 07, 2007

1256 New Jersey Ave NW, Washington, DC


  1. boarded up and spray painted? Is that what you trying to show?

  2. Nice house.

    I wonder what it would cost now. I wonder what it cost the last time it sold.

  3. Pretty house.

    Is it listed?

  4. That's a very pretty house.

  5. Is that lance's $2M palace?

  6. Not listed.

    "boarded up and spray painted?"


    "Is that what you trying to show?"

    Not really. I just liked how the building looked (despite it being boarded up).

  7. I couldn't find 1256 in the tax assessment records, but 1254 was last sold for $620,000 in 2004.

  8. There is a good view of the Capitol Dome from the front yard of this house.

    There is likely to be an EXCELLENT view of the Capitol Dome from the upper levels of this house.

    Prime location if you belive gentrification will wash over this area just north of NY Avenue and very near a wave of new development. (A new 'upscale' Safeway supermarket and a new Results Gym will open soon nearby)

  9. There is no such thing as an upscale safeway.

  10. Inventory in that zip code is at 8 months on houses, 7 on condos.

  11. Will it be another UN-Safe-Safeway? ? ?

  12. This is a very short walk from this house. Click on the "Progress" tab to see photos from January. The building is much further along now.

  13. Non-anon, 8 months condo inventory and more coming online?

    The discounts only get bigger from here on out.

  14. By the way, didn't Lance claim that buyers would be fighting over houses by now?

    And didn't inventories just shoot up a lot over this week?

  15. This house for $535K is right down the street: 1544 NEW JERSEY AVE NW

  16. I'm glad I found this! I've been trying to do research on this house and have come up with zilch. Not even the DC Historical Society has any information. Does anyone here know anything at all about it?

    Please email me at

    Many thanks, Bryan

  17. "
    And didn't inventories just shoot up a lot over this week?"


  18. Keith: "And didn't inventories just shoot up a lot over this week?"

    Poor Outclassed Anony: "No."


    "Housing Tracker DC inventories:

    5/1/07 - 10,456
    5/7/07 - 11,019"

    Poor Outclassed Anony: "Did I say no? I meant yes."

    By the way, how are those fights between buyers coming along? :)

  19. That's shooting up? LOL, keep dreaming. Only thing shooting up around here is rent.

  20. "Only thing shooting up around here is rent."

    And only thing falling is price.

  21. Oh, and AnonyTroll, here's a little more punishment:

    Housing Tracker, YOY

    Median price down 9%
    Inventories up 7%.

    All aboard the pain train, anonytroll.

  22. When I see this picture and hear "shooting up", real estate prices, or rent is not what comes to mind (ie. the professional calling of the neighbors).

  23. Better picture:

    It's a lot bigger than the first picture lets on.

  24. Building was built in 1892 as 1252 New Jersey Ave and designed by Charles D. Cole. The lot is 75 feet deep and includes the frontage on N Street that has the arches. It was built as a store (probably N St side) with residence (probably NJ Ave side with corner turret).

    Current city records use 302 N Street as the property's address of record (Square 532, lot 857) and assess it at $652,250. 100% lot coverage so call it 6640 square feet including basement.

    1252 NJ was last used as apartments and 302 N Street was last used as a restaurant.

    Due to the trapezoidal block created by New Jersey's angle, there is a very odd, unbuildable sliver lot between this property and it's neighbor to the south. That might be complicate a title search.

    The property immediately to the west (rear) is 1251-53 4th Street, NW. Current owner, One Ministries Unique Learning Center, has an application with the HPRB for a rear addition, alterations, and a play area for future use as an after-school program.

  25. Thanks for all the great information, Brendan. No wonder I couldn't find the original poster here, I used the numbers on the New Jersey side of the house to do the research. I had no idea there was the N Street entrance.

    How'd you find all the information? Which department did you go to?

    Thanks again, Bryan

  26. I am not brendan...

    but I did go drive by that house on a whim. It is a cool looking house, but I have a hard time seeing it as worth anything near $600k. There are 5-6 houses on the row and of them three are boarded up and vacant. That appears to be typical of the neighborhood in general. Plus, as a pretty big downside the house is sort of alone at the end of a row on a couple of relatively busy streets... with a fire station across the street... so not exactly a quiet neighborhood.

    If I was going to put a half million dollars into a neighborhood like this one I wouldn't do it on this house. There are similar houses(complete with turrets) in similar conditions scattered on the streets around it that would be better picks.

    It is too bad, I really do like the look of these houses but the location wouldn't suit my commute and this is NOT the sort of place where you could move in and take the bars off the windows. There were a couple homeless people and a guy selling pirated CDs out front when I drove by.(and I do mean OUT FRONT, not in sight, or across the street or whatever... don't forget it is on a street corner)