Sunday, July 06, 2008

A New Realtor Sales Pitch

Here is an actual Realtor sales pitch for buying U.S. real estate.

Now is the time to purchase real estate in the United States. Take advantage of our weak dollar and our sub-prime mortgage catastrophe. Invest in the Capital of the United States, Washington DC. Contact me today, and I will send you a pictured email of any type of property that you are intrested in, Residential, Commerical, Multi-Unit Apartment Buildings.
I'd love to hear what our readers think of this. There's never a bad time to buy, right?


  1. i think this does hold true for high-end properties (very high end). take trump's florida property, for example--a russian guy bought it. i've also seen stats from a realtor website for the IP addresses of people looking at the properties and foreign IPs were far more prevalent than on lower-end properties.

  2. Its sounds like the Realtors are getting hungry for any sale. Can a few prestige areas be saved by foreign buyers? Maybe. But the Europeans are being bit by their huge bubble in Spain and England. That's going to make them gun shy. Not to mention its famous how much the Germans have lost in Florida.

    Foreign buyers leave a market faster than they enter it. So this might just be delaying the pain.

    Got Popcorn?

  3. Ok, maybe it is true but just if you are not American. Us dollar is really weak compare to Canadian one now. I am working as a Toronto realtor and few of my client already asked me about investing in to US real estate. But I am not really sure about profitability of such investments. Dollar is very volatile now and many economists predicted it to grow but I am reading such predictions already two years and still nothing. But in case you are not risk averse it could be a great investment.

  4. This realtor is right. I made a fantastic deal near Old Town recently. I got a SFH within walking distance of King Street Metro for 10% below tax assessment and got a 50% discount thanks to my Euros (compared to Euro/$ exchange rate of 2002). Can't beat that. Best time ever to buy real estate in DC for Europeans...