Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Senator Dodd: Help Those Poor Homeowners

From MarketWatch:
Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd said Tuesday the U.S. is facing a deepening economic crisis and called for more aid to homeowners and possibly an additional economic stimulus package to help consumers.
Those poor, suffering homeowners, why won't someone rescue them from their own mistakes?


  1. What do you expect him to say. "So sad, too bad"? Yeah, the people who bought all of these houses have a lot of the blame, but right now their backs are against the wall, and any politician that tries to throw them under the bus is going to be an enemy for life.

  2. Interesting how quickly the condescending attitude towards those poor, bitter renters who don't have 2 nickels to rub together so they can buy a house has morphed into a condescending attitude towards those poor, victimized homeowners.

    Last I checked, homeowners have the highest net worth.

    Are we feeling sorry for the rich now?

    Chuck Ponzi

  3. When all is said and done, people who bought exhibited the kind of faith in the country that politicians depend on to do their job. People who were betting on "gloom and doom" weren't exactly betting on the kind of stuff that politicians want to see. Fair or not ... would it make sense for politicians NOT to help the homeowners who relied on them?

    Yes, there is what "should" be if the world revolved only around everyone being smart and responsible. But there is also what "is" based on how people actually act and react. Of course, the politicians are going to help the people who counted on them. It may not make it "right" but it is what is.