Friday, January 16, 2009

Circuit City is being liquidated immediately.

Circuit City is being liquidated immediately. If it is still open this weekend, you may want to look for a going out of business sale. Anyone with Circuit City gift cards should use them immediately. Any product returns should be done immediately.

Update: I went to Circuit City on Saturday. The discounts are lame. You can get better discounts from

Update #2: CNN Money has a warning about liquidation sales. Here's an interesting quote from the article: "It's almost a scam and there's nothing illegal about it."


  1. The discounts that are controlled by the liquidator are absolutely terrible. People will think that they are getting good deals because of "xx% off", but they jack up the prices to give the illusion of a deal.

    The worst part is that many people fall for it so all the good stuff is gone before the items are a good price.

    When CompUSA was liquidating, I went several times and saw inventory shrink. I left empty handed most of the time, but I got a few okay deals once they hit the 50%+ off retail. Be sure it is not 50% off their price. Nothing stellar.

  2. I heard the same thing about Linens N Things -- a consumer reporter on the local news showed "50% off" price tags pasted on top of original price tags -- and the original price was LOWER.

  3. The death of suburban sprawl marches onward....

    How many square feet of big box retail space will the demise of Circuit City leave in its wake? Hundreds of thousands of empty square feet, at a minimum.

    That empty retail space will NOT be filled in the foreseeable future. Now think about the enormous parking lots around every Circuit City. Empty.


  4. I'm disappointed that the suburbia-boosters haven't tried to argue against my comments (above)

    Come on, give it your best shot. Millions of empty square feet within "big box retail" complexes are indicative of what?