Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Links Updated

The links on the Bubble Meter Blog have been updated. Sites which have not been updated in a long time have been removed.


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  2. I recommend adding 808housing.blogspot.com (Hawaii) to the regional sites list.

    Also, the link to Professor Piggington's blog has the word "Professor" spelled wrong. There should only be one "f".

    Finally, the blogger at newsneconomics.com occasionally reads Bubble Meter, and links to Bubble Meter in her blogroll. You may want to consider adding newsneconomics.com to the economic blogs section. (I don't know what your standard is for economic sites.)

  3. "Professor" should also have two "s"-es.

  4. Check this out:


    It looks like San Francisco is going to lose the most.

  5. Yeah Anonymous, but read more about California at the Los Angeles Times


    This should have an impact on real estate prices there.

  6. From the newsneconomics blog mentioned above:

    "In conclusion...., the Fed’s exit strategy becomes increasingly hazy with rising non-borrowed reserves; the risk of inflation is on the move."

    Inflation is coming. Good luck with that.

  7. What? Inflation? I thought everyone are convinced everything will be wrapped up in a deflationary spiral without any chance of inflation aftermath?

  8. "deflationary spiral without any chance of inflation aftermath?"

    The defaltion we are experiencing now could indeed continue for years; and that would spell the end of our society as we know it.

    That is why governments around the world are striving to create inflation.

    Either way - the outlook is bad. But the "best case scenario" is that we experience inflation.