Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More on the tent cities


  1. A small tent city is visible from the VRE train, north of Fredricksburg and south of DC. Look for it, you'll see it.

  2. Are all tents blue or is it every single shot of a "tent city" is the same single tent city in the US? Sorta like everytime you see footage on terrorists, its the same stupid footage from the 70s of some dude with a ninja mask jumping over hurdles with an M16.

    Why dont these tent city people rent like I do? I am "homeless" as well, but I rent.

  3. Where are the city planners and health code enforcers?

    Immigrants have been camping out in California for decades, just to save on rent, and they're allowed to stay forever and degrade the environment and decrease property values for homeowners.

    If we're not enforcing codes we are the same as Mexico. Our lack of disease and protections (such as they are) are hard-won, if we decline to enforce them out of sympathy we are just another third-world country...

  4. He doesn't "choose" to be homeless, but he won't ask his five grown (and apparently NOT homeless) kids for help?

    Give me a break.