Friday, December 25, 2009

David Lereah Launches New Real Estate Blog

David Lereah launches a new blog called Real Estate Economy Watch.

Seeking Alpha has this to say:

Maybe not… but it appears that Lereah has launched a new venture… let’s call it a blog… with both an ironic title and a decidedly more realistic un-spun outlook.

Real Estate Economy Watch” is effectively a blog that hosts daily commentary on the housing market, tracks market data, and even specifically follows the course the “housing crisis”.

The title is ironic because it is reminiscent of “David Lereah Watch” a popular blog that relentlessly pounded Lereah during the heyday of the bubble crescendo.

The content, on the other hand, bears an unrecognizable skeptical edge.

Solid name for his site. I hope that it also contains solid content. Of course he cannot be trusted.

1 comment:

  1. Once a douchebag, liar and shill, always a douchebag.

    When the condom is full, snaek it off wrap yup in tissue and discard...

    Who would EVER believe ANYTHING Lereah, Yun, the NAR any used-house has to say, post or write?

    It would be like believing in the Step 'N Fetch from Chicago's Hope & Change routine. . .