Thursday, March 25, 2010

There's no "Mc" in this mansion

An 8,000 sqft. colonial-era colonial in Harwood, Maryland goes on the auction block.

Built in 1756, it sits on 52 acres of land. George Washington was a friend of a former owner and slept in the home. Apparently it failed to sell at $2.75 million and is now bank-owned.

From the auction press release:
Considered one of the finest Pre-Revolutionary War historic estates in the United States, Tulip Hill is a grand Georgian plantation house built around 1756 by the Quaker merchant-planter Samuel Galloway. Frequent visitors included George Washington and Robert E. Lee.

"The magnificent home and grounds that encompass the Tulip Hill estate, combined with its extensive, storied history, makes this truly a one-of-a-kind property," Gestson stated.

The home has been beautifully preserved and restored on more than 52 acres that includes an expansive terraced garden, water frontage and a pier on the West River. Among the home's modern conveniences are central heat and air conditioning and a fully renovated kitchen.

The property was named for its grove of grand tulip poplar trees, many dating to the early 18th century. Located at the edge of a high plateau, with the land falling rapidly away on all three sides, the impressive approach to the house from the river by a tree lined lane exists today as it did more than 250 years ago.

Tulip Hill includes a two-level brick main house measuring 52 feet wide and 42 feet deep, and two 20-by-24-feet brick end wings. The approximately 8,000-square-foot mansion includes seven bedrooms, a large attic, full stone basement, and nine wood burning fireplaces.

"The upcoming auction of Tulip Hill represents a rare opportunity for the discerning buyer to own an estate with extreme aesthetic and historical significance," stated Laura Brady, Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing for Concierge Auctions.

Located in Anne Arundel County near Annapolis, Harwood is approximately 30 miles from Washington, D.C. and about 35 miles from Baltimore. The county has several historic homes dating to the 1700s in addition to Tulip Hill.

The auction of the Tulip Hill estate at 4621 Muddy Creek Road in Harwood, Maryland will be held on Saturday, April 10 at 11am EDT. The properties are available for preview daily from 12pm to 3pm and by appointment. View Terms and Conditions of Sale for full details. For more information, visit or call 877-217-2001.
More photos here. Here's a map.


  1. Wow - now THATS a house!

  2. I agree. Now that's worth it's asking price.


  3. yes - this seems like an appropriate price.

    Soon the rest of the area will follow, as the crash to late 1990's prices resumes, once the plug is pulled from the respirator...

  4. I'll echo the other comments, here: looks like a perfectly appropriate price. It's a beautiful home, to boot.

  5. "Nonpartisan said...

    Soon the rest of the area will follow, as the crash to late 1990's prices resumes, once the plug is pulled from the respirator..."

    Yep - remember folks as Nonpartisan said the DC case shiller index (currently at 178.82) will fall nearly 67 points to 112 by the year 2013.

    Just think about that for a second, despite the fact that we just went YOY positive (first time in 39 consecutive months BTW), CS is going to go down close to 1.5 POINTS PER MONTH each and every month for 3+ years to get down to 112 by the year 2013 - starting NOW!!!

    Or maybe it will be delayed another 6-8 months because of govt interference. Well if it does, strap on your seatbelt folks because that just means it will go down 2 POINTS A MONTH OR MORE for 3 years straight - a slope that will make the 2006-2009 declines seem like childs play.

    You might think this is too pessimistic. Its not. How do I know this is true? Its easy, its because Nonpartisan said "all bellcurves complete". I was a fool for following metrics like income growth, population growth, sales rates, inventory, months of inventory, unemployment, etc - all I needed to know was "all bellcurves complete"!!!

    Well enough jabbering. Time to strap in and WAL (watch and learn) as Nonpartisan always says. The rollercoaster ride down from 178 to 112 is gonna start any day now and





  6. agree - 'cept we may actually overshoot due to all of the interference - CS index may hit 99 -- but I will stay conservative and stick to my original estimates.

  7. Interesting defensive tactic nonpartisan - sticking to your original thesis and all.

    I mean your moves are

    (a) admit you were wrong, catch some heat from me now, hope I lose interest in you, and that will be the end of it.


    (b) stick to your guns, dont admit you were wrong til the end, or never admit you were wrong, and have me ridicule you continuously til 2013.

    I gotta admire you for sticking to plan (b). Its a risky move, but you do get to stick it to me in the event I am wrong and we do get down to 112. Still though, with us being so so far away from 112, and that clock tic tic ticin away on the countdown til 2013 it looks like you are beyond delusional.

    Well, in any event, hats off to you. Have a nice day!!!

  8. If I were rich enough, I'd jump at the opportunity to buy it. ...assuming it passed a visual inspection.

  9. I used to hang out in Galesville all the time in my younger days, and I knew a girl whose family used to live in Tulip Hill, although I neve actually saw the house and had no idea that it had 52 acres.

    I think that 2.74 mil is not an unreasonable price for it. This housing bear would certainly make an offer if he had the money.

  10. Gorgeous home! Now that's a house to make mommy and daddy proud. Not like those little WWII shacks that Beltway boys and girls have paid 600k to bump into each other when making a cup of coffee in the kitchen. Maybe some of our homeowner friends could put some pictures of their houses on this blog. We all could use a good laugh.

  11. Id hate to live here and have to look out at a crappy view like this

    Suburbia rules!!!

  12. Did you just post a picture of a condos top general area that you have to share with your neighbors? No thanks, I would rather have a photo of that view hanging on a poster in my bedroom to be honest. Every neighbor in every condo I lived in has been such a dick I wouldnt wait to move out....why would a nice view change that fact?

  13. I agree. Condo living is nothing more than apartment living with additional costs.