Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fed worried about economic double-dip

It appears the Federal Reserve has recently become increasingly worried about the prospect of an economic double-dip:
Federal Reserve officials, increasingly concerned over signs the economic recovery is faltering, are considering new steps to bolster growth. ...

Top Fed officials still say that the economic recovery is likely to continue into next year and that the policy moves being discussed are not imminent. But weak economic reports, the debt crisis in Europe and faltering financial markets have led them to conclude that the risks of the recovery losing steam have increased. After months of focusing on how to exit from extreme efforts to support the economy, they are looking at tools that might strengthen growth.


  1. This article is more a testament to the level of control and media ownership of the individuals who own our Federal Reserve and nearly all the central banks worldwide.

    As if we're expected to believe these people did not intentionally coordinate what's happening in the economy, despite that the UN's own Agenda 21 documentation clearly documents the need to reduce the economies of the advanced countries, under the auspices of "manmade global warming."

    How far will the hypocrisy go? How long can 6 billion frogs sit still in boiling water before they jump out and collective eat the livers of a few central bankers? Only time will tell. I'm betting that the frogs will not jump out. I'm betting the frogs will be taught to repress each other, aka, stasi and brown shirt style.

  2. I think the housing recovery will be much slower than originally predicted. For example, look at the drop off in sales since the first-time buyers tax credit ended.