Friday, March 24, 2006

Bubble Meter Mentioned in Salon

Salon magazine has this article about the housing bubble blogosphere aka bubblesphere.

Yes, that's right, just as the Web is home to vivacious communities of peak oil doom-and-gloomers, gleefully sharing notes on the latest signs of the coming apocalypse, so too does the Internet offer its welcome arms to hordes of obsessive real estate watchers, busily fixating on every last bit of data that might indicate the great U.S. real estate boom of the 21st century has finally imploded. (There are scores of such sites -- check out the right-hand column of Bubblemeter for a starting point.)
Thanks for the mention. Bubble Meter Blog tries to mantain a comprehensive list of active bubble bloggers.


  1. I think this is the permalink:

    I don't much like that writer's attitude towards the bubble bloggers but I am afraid there is more than just a grain of truth to it.

    And he wonders about some readers of the bubbleblogosphere's sense of glee re an imagined bust of the RE bubble? He obviously is unaware of a very popular news group from way back in the early 90s called "" -- (also

  2. With more coverage of your blog, I hope you stick to facts, pictures and figures and not mere hyper-speculation of a housing bubble.

    Cause I like this blog.

    Lord knows you've got tons of sour grapes people on this board!

  3. We all knew this day was comming. I sold my last LA house yesterday. (Talk about hitting the top of the market!) How long will it be before we start seeing articals about how to tell when we're near the bottom?


  4. I would imagine that the RE industry will be quick to get articles out saying that we're at the bottom and it's now the perfect time to buy.

  5. Well I guess falls under the publicity philosophy of "at least they spelled the name right". Lumping us in with kooky peak oilers hurts, but is probably more appropriate than we'd like to admit.

  6. Interesting blog.

    If you haven't already, you might consider looking into the air that feeds the housing bubble.

    It's not by coincidence that we find ourselves in this position.