Monday, March 13, 2006

Hurricanes Don't Stop Florida's Largest Landowner

Hurricanes Don't Stop Florida's Largest Landowner (March 10, 2006) --- The St. Joe Co., the largest private owner of land in Florida, isn’t going to let a few hurricanes stop it from developing key stretches of the 838,000 acres it owns, St. Joe President Kevin Twomey told investors at the Raymond James & Associates meeting in Orlando.

Most of the projects on which St. Joe is concentrating are on or near the cost, including a 4,170-acre residential, retail, and commercial project south of Jacksonville on the St. Johns River that St. Joe has won approval to break ground on shortly.

People still want to live on or near the beach, Twomey says. “I’m not spooked myself,” Twomey told the audience, noting that after hurricanes Charley, Frances, and Jeanne in 2004, he personally moved to a “bigger beach house.”


  1. I'd love to live near the ocean also. But the house better be well built, and cheap. Not cheaply built and expensive.

  2. What a bunch of snake oil. What the heck does St Joe's care about hurricanes? Hurricanes make grading the land EASIER fergawdsake! Hurricane insurance liability on a piece of flat scub land? Is everyone drinking the koolaid? St. Joe's develops the land and then... wait for it... SELLS it before the next hurricane or even before the second hurricane insurance payment is due.