Friday, March 31, 2006

Mica Condos in SIlver Spring

Front: Mica Condos Sales Postcard.
Notice the free 42' Plasma TV 1 Free Yr of Comcast Cable TV.

Rear: Mica Condos Sales Postcard.[Click on image for larger version].

Notice the: "studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom and penthouse condominiums frtom the $290s to the high $900s!" Studios starting at 290K? That is way overpriced. Buying a condo at the Mica is a bad investment.


  1. mayb the ad should say: buy a plasma tv, get a condo for free

  2. The Canada Dry condos (which isn't what their called) also gave away plasma tvs. I think they did that because it was originally supposed to be apartments but they did a condo conversion and probably needed to sell as quick as they could.

  3. If the offer included 52 cases of beer I wouldn't say no.

  4. If you look at their website now, it says, "Condominiums & Penthouses from the $200s." I wonder if 200s means 290s or if it's actually dropped by a lot. Craziness.

  5. Their one BR's are from the $290's, not studios.

  6. I was once a former resident of Springwood Apartments (now MICA Condos), and the things McWilliams Ballard put us through in the six months prior to my wife and I finally ridding ourselves of that horrible place are hard to describe. In short, it was like living in a construction site. Elderly residents had no place to sit down in the lobby due to the furniture being removed. The residents had to continually put up with 2-3 day water outages at least twice a month for the better part of three months, and the dust and debris from the construction resulted in respiratory problems for a portion of what was once our community. The building never stunk beforehand, and although admittedly not the nicest place you could imagine, it was fantastic for both its location and friendly atmosphere. Before McWilliams Ballard and MICA Condos bastardized the place in the name of trying to capitalize on the condo boom (which has since gone bust - my wife and I drove by there the other night, and it seems 100% vacant), it was quite a catch amid other high-priced apartments.

    Then the construction began - resulting in plenty of noise, dust, water outages - even an explosion in the lobby! (Thanks to some bumbling contractors hired to do work on the gas lines). All efforts to contact McWilliams Ballard failed, as the woman in charge was always conveniently out of the office, and in fact, the MICA people (who had begun to set up shop during the construction) even left the premises because of all the annoyance caused by the contruction, leaving the remaining residents without recourse.

    And don’t even get me started on Jason, that self-serving ignorant excuse for a man, and the principal contact for people who attended the varied open houses and condo-selling “parties” that MICA set up. What I want to say about him is best left unsaid.

    There are currently multiple lawsuits and complaints filed or being filed against McWilliams Ballard, the contractors, and various other entities involved in the tragedy that is MICA Condominiums.

    Be advised.

  7. MY GOD YOU MUST HAVE GOT THIS FROM A FOOD STORE CHECK OUT NOVEL. Come on now....every bit of this is completely wrong. Get your facts straight if you are going to bitch because you are so unhappy....Get a life man....The buiding is close to sold out...there was never an explosion in the lobby....The sales office is not even run by a woman but a man....Sales office never closed and has been open 7 days a week since sales stared. Get a grip dude. Glad you left!
    I bought at MICA and its the best thing around...solid building, all new systems, great finishes, parking and close to metro....and great prices....You must have missed to boat in real estate and just want to bring others down. GET A LIFE!

  8. I live around the corner from the mica. Here are my observations:

    (1) The building is ugly. Absolutely no curb appeal. The roof has a couple of rusted, gigantic TV antennas still attached. The renderings on the website have nothing to do with reality.

    (2) They have not done any exterior renovation work. For a brick building of that age, almost 40 years, it is likely to need some major exterior work in the next 5-10 years. The Gramax building 1 block away, renovated 2-3 years ago, is of comparable age and needed major exterior work. Another renovation in the area on a 50 year old building, replaced 2/3 of the brick since it was so far gone. This could be a multi $100k expese for the owners.

    (3) I hope the builder is leaving a few million dollars in reservers for the new condo association. This place looks like a money pit. Any potential buyer must ask the developer about pre-funding reservers.

    (4) There are over 500 new condo units planned within two blocks of the Mica. The Mica is going to be the dog of the 'hood. If you buy here, plan to stay or sell for cheap.

    A Neighbor in Silver Spring

  9. only five left. so much for the bubble...

  10. sold out in Feb, so much for bubbles