Sunday, July 02, 2006

Monthly traffic Statistics at Bubble Meter Blog

Thanks to all the readers for making this blog a success.


  1. Careful David,

    You might be the "Kos" of the housing bubble blog world.

  2. poor bill aka dc housing news ... it must be awfully lonely out at your new blog ... i see you're not getting any comments! LOL

  3. DC Housing News said...
    "Well, part of the problem is that you not only contribute under the name of "Lance," but a few others - VA Investor, Fritz, Bryce (you dropped that one a long time ago), Anonymous quite often -"

    wow, you can we say "paranoid"? and you probably do believe I (and my many psuedo-names) am a real estate agent. yes, we are the entire real estate board of greater washington directing our efforts towards saving you Bill from your own follies. Whew ... so, why did you leave St. Elizabeth's? No need to worry about housing while you were there ... Are you part of the home release program? Did you get to meet Hinkley while you were there? ARE you Hinkley? Wow, you must have a lot of stories to tell! I will need to read your soooo interesting blog to get a better perspective into you unusual and "way unique" mind!