Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Two Houses Next to Each Other For Sale

Two houses right next to each other for sale along North Capital Street in Washington, DC. The one on the right has balloons attached to the sign. Balloons can pop! The addresses are 2120 North Capitol Street NW and 2118 North Capitol Street NW. The one on the right (address 2120) is available for 799K; MLS # DC6083360.



    prices in the DC area officially have declined YoY.

  2. David - Just curious: How fast were you driving to get out of that black area?

  3. David can afford neither.

  4. "And in the District, the decrease was 0.8 percent in March and 1.2 percent in May, compared with the same months last year, even though prices in the District in June were higher than the year before "

  5. Wow, that is seriously over priced for North Capitol Street.

    It's not even one of the attractive rowhouses.

  6. A recent nearby sale:

    Address: 1726 NORTH CAPITOL ST NW
    SSL: 3105 0071
    Neighborhood: ECKINGTON
    Homestead Status: ** Not receiving the Homestead Deduction
    Owner Name: JOSPHINE ------
    Mailing Address: 6702 COCKERVILLE AVE; TAKOMA PARK MD2
    Sale Price: $400,000
    Sale Date: 06/07/2006

  7. New York Times today: "a significant slowdown is under way."

    Oh well. It's just the New York Times. Not that many influencers -- you know, like economists, academics, politicians, institutional or retail investors, other editors and journalists looking for leads, foreign investors, current homeowners, etc -- read it.


  8. Wow... 799 for an old house on a busy street?

    This is what I am talking about when I talk about houses built for the middle class, now being sold to the foolish upper middle class. The median income in DC makes that kind of asking price a price for only the wealthy. Is that the house of a wealthy person?

    Maybe they have an extra zero in the asking price.

    A Redskins fan

  9. That ComPost article that the first poster put up is excellent. It really gives some insight into what the sellers are thinking. I think the price drops have just begun, but regardless, I am very happy renting until prices are a lot lower.

    A Redskins fan

  10. I walk down North Cap, not far from these homes to the New York Ave metro station. I enjoy the view of the US Capital dome while doing so.

    I walk past nearby XM Satellite Radio, the new and nearly completed ATFE Agency headquarters, and the site of the new hotel coming to FL avenue nearby.

    I do it when the sun is up or down, rain or shine. I see little girls doing the same thing. But David? What disgraceful human being he must be.

  11. What sin did I commit by taking these pictures while stuck in traffic?

    [btw 90% of the time i metro to work]

  12. Oh good, I'll look for you on the Red Line.

  13. Redskins fan:

    You will be an eternal renter since prices will never drop the required 70% that you say they have to drop before you would buy anything.

    And $800k for a rowhouse on North Cap seems awfully optimistic.

  14. "David - Just curious: How fast were you driving to get out of that black area?"
    "David can afford neither."
    "David; Fuck off and don't come back. Asswipe."
    "Essentially, David IS a pussy."
    "David, your mother raised a little piece of shit."
    "But David? What disgraceful human being he must be. "

    All David did was show a picture of two rowhouses side by side. He gave us the address and a price for one of them. What in the F--K is all of your problems, there is nothing offensive with this post. If you don't like Suburbanites taking pictures of your neighborhood , then you are the one with problems. Stop being cry babies!

  15. someone else wrote that! They used my name.

  16. To whoever is insulting David.

    Your insults are unwarranted and uncalled for. There is no room for your base reaction in any type of civilized discussion forum

    Why do you accuse David of being a coward and then do not post you own name?

  17. "Why do you accuse David of being a coward and then do not post you own name?"

    Oh, my name is Bob.

    And your name is....?

    Sold for $505,000.00 on 02/20/2003

    Betcha' it was unrenovated at the time.

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  20. My name is Luciano Lima.

    I rented a room in a house just a few blocks north of the houses in the picture, for four months. I myself did not feel unsafe in the neighborhood.

    Why do you assume that the reason David wouldn't want to live there is because is is a "black area?"

  21. fritz-

    for the last time, I never said that house prices are required to drop by 70% before I buy.

    Please stop misquoting me.

    A Redskins fan

  22. mmmm dominos...

  23. Anonymous said...
    Dear Robert,
    "My rant had nothing to do with home prices or values....."

    Then find an I hate yuppies blog.

  24. Y'all take a damn housing market blog way too freaking seriously.

  25. I'm not up to date on the crime statistics of that neighborhood, but I recall that there were very few amenities within walking distance from where I lived, a few blocks north. No grocery stores, restaurants, bars, etc. A walk to the closest metro took almost 30 minutes. Maybe that is the reason David said the area was not for him.

  26. Wow, there are some real potty-mouth posters on this blog.

    While residing in D.C. has its charms--I live there myself--a lack of crime is not one of them. Taken by itself, Police District 5, which includes these two rowhouses, had 4430 recorded crimes last year, including 36 homicides:

    Compare that to Fairfax County, Virginia. At over 1 million residents, it's bigger than all of D.C., but yet it only registered 20 murders last year:

  27. What is the matter with many of you posting such horrible comments?
    Why is everything taken in a negative way which is then responded to with racial slurs or swear words?
    David is running a blog site which, if you have a problem with the site, you don't have to go to and read! Grow up! Stop making racial slurs or homophobic comments! They do NOT add to a real estate discussion.
    Get civilized!
    I personally like all the photos posted (living in NJ it's very interesting to see photos posted of other areas) and am glad that David is posting the variety of photos that he does.

  28. Anonymous said...
    "Why do you assume that the reason David wouldn't want to live there is because is is a "black area?""

    Anonymous said...
    ”David responded to someone asking how he felt about the area by saying "it is not for me" It isn't an assumption; David confirmed it as fact.”

    Anonymous said...
    “How many people here think that David just disclosed not only his race; but his racial prejudice with this post? I certainly do.”

    “It’s not for me”…because I don’t like the houses…..I don’t like area stores…..I don’t like the noise….could be anything but no. No facts, no numbers, just irate sellers/owners playing the race card.

  29. "Then find an I hate yuppies blog."

    Yuppie = Young URBAN professional.

    I'm a yuppie. Yep, a yuppie who lives nowhere near a Starbucks, lives in the midst of working class folks of a different race, lives well below his means, and likes it that way.

    Suburban commuters are by definition NOT yuppies.

    Wild guess: suburban commuters will flock to the new restaurant being placed in the refurbished 1895 firehouse in this area on North Cap; especially since it is being planned in conjunction with nearby XM Satellite Radio with the upstairs portion of the restarant being a live musical performance venue. (performances at the North Cap location will be broadcast via XM Radio.)



  30. Redskins fan:

    You have said multiple times that you would only pay 30% for most currently valued listings.

    Which means that unless prices drop 70%, you won't buy.

    How on earth is that misquoting you? Unless you are being ridiculous in your 30% assessment, which I don't know if you are or not based on comments by other members of the Chuch of Bubbleheads.

  31. Nashville TN has a similar "Crime Index" rating.

  32. This post is officially locked and will not accpet anymore comments. The comments on this post turned nasty very fast. The second comment was "David - Just curious: How fast were you driving to get out of that black area?"

    How come whenever I post pictures from DC the comments becomes nasty real fast?

    I will be deleting the nasty comments in accordance with the blog rules.