Wednesday, July 19, 2006

PaperMoney - A US Real Estate Bubble Blog

Check out this most excellent housing bubble blog titled Paper Money - A US Real Estate Bubble Blog. There is much material here. This blog is a very worthy addition to the BubbleSphere.

Welcome. :-)


  1. The inventory of bubblehead blogs is at an ALL TIME RECORD! We are clearly headed for a crash of the blogs since these levels are unsustainable. It's not going to be pretty when these blogs start crashing, but it's a necessary and healthy thing for the economy. I'm not predicting a blog depression, just a significant blog recession. There will be some doom for blog owners who got in at the peak, but there will be mostly gloom for all blog owners.

  2. Three cheers for Fritz!

  3. fritz,

    That is funny. LOL! :-)

  4. David will just rename the Blog “Housing crash of 2007” It will be interesting to hear how many investors and flippers wives have flew the coupe for greener pastures, where the $$ is. Everyone loves entertainment especially when a fool and his wife part.
    The Blog will live on.

  5. Great find. I have that blog on my list along with Ben's, Keith's, Mish's and others.

    Ditto the interesting train wreck.

    I am seeing evidence that the bubble hasn't burst yet in my area. Yet.

    There are still reports of bidding wars here in Huntsville, AL.

  6. Dont forget about mine :(

  7. "Anonymous said...
    Dont forget about mine :("

    Awesome site!!!!!!!