Sunday, August 23, 2009

Urban planners vs. "suburban sprawl"

Cato Institute Senior Fellow Randal O'Toole discusses urban planning and suburban sprawl.


  1. Pretty humorous. Kind of ironic that O'Toole's delivery is verbal equivalent of ALL CAPS!!

    The idea that this guy purports to be an academic, and has just discovered that such concepts as "zoning" and "eminent domain" exist.

    Finally, the idea that there's a Cato University is even funnier.

  2. Wow, a bunch of anecdotes about how poor developers aren't able to rape their own land.

    Buy property in Las Vegas if you want unchecked growth.

    Wait untill this guy discovers the impact and complexities of water rights on land. His eyes will pop out of head!

  3. Im glad Im a renter. You dont have freedoms when you own, and people make fun of you when you think thats wrong.