Friday, August 21, 2009

Ever wanted a house on the Chesapeake?

Here is's estimate of ten years' of home values on Kent Island (specifically Stevensville, MD) on the Chesapeake Bay. Give it time. Prices are still falling.

Kent Island is where the Chesapeake Bay Bridge crosses. It's circled in the map below.

The only downside (besides the current price): Mapquest says a commute to DC takes roughly an hour each way. Anybody know of good jobs available in Annapolis?


  1. My father has a second home in that area on the west side, south of annapolis. Everytime I go there to be near the water, I notice more and more homes for sale. Almost half the neighborhood there have for sale signs now.

  2. There is bubble housing all over Eastern Shore. Townhomes in Denton, Milford, Rehoboth and many other cities over there. I could never figure out who is buying all of those homes. Some of it was just specuvesting, I think.

    Some might argue that these homes would be good for people that are retired and don't need to commute anywhere, but townhomes probably aren't optimal for retired people.

    Some far-out communities could well have been intended for commuters, but the trend these days is for people to live closer to work.

  3. An hour to DC??? Maybe at midday, but never at rush hour. Ever try to cross that bridge on a friday afternoon. You might as well rent a hotel in annapolis in the summers versus dealing with that bridge - it sucks the life out of you.

    Eastern shore is great if you work over there, or if you dont work at all - but to commute to anywhere on the "western shore"? Forget it.

  4. I second anon 8:35. The bridge is an absolute nightmare in the summer, and it is unpredictable the rest of the year. It's totally unrealistic to commute to DC or Baltimore from Kent Island.

    Although you would still have to deal with the bridge every day, a commute to Annapolis would not be entirely unreasonable. However, Annapolis is really short on the jobs (unless you work in an industry catering to the wealthy retired).

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  9. its like rain on your wedding day....a free ride, when youve already paid.

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