Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Going on Vacation For Two Weeks

It is time for a vacation. I'll be overseas starting tonight. I may post once during my two week trip. Not sure if there is a bubble there or not. I will investigate upon my arrival. :-)

Investors must have been dissapointed when WCI Communities of Florida had "preliminary combined tower and traditional gross new orders totaled 261 for the fourth quarter but were offset by a combined total of 270 tower defaults and traditional home cancellations and defaults.” News Press (Hat Tip to Housing Bubble Blog)

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  1. you should leave off the comment moderation. i promise we'll be good.

  2. Not being stuck with a huge mortage for an overpriced piece of property, which might be resetting soon, allows David to take trips abroad. Smart guy!

    --SSH Anon.

  3. If there is a housing bubble, why do I keep losing bidding wars in upper NW DC. Just lost my third last weekend. Yuck! I am preying for a bubble, but looks like I waited too long.

  4. Have a good (and safe) trip David.

  5. I call BS on the Europe thing.January 24, 2007 4:17 PM

    Have a nice vacation in West Virginia.

  6. Alright! Fire Island!

  7. I find the following analysis suspect.


    Given that new home sales in February and March of 2006 were still strong and only started to decline in the spring/summer. Wouldn't sales (i.e. closings) of new homes peak in the Fall and Winter of 2006 assuming it takes at least 6 months from the original contract to deliver a house?

  8. What a suprise, you're dubious of evidence that doesn't support your preferred conclusion. In what universe does it take 6 months to get from contract to closing? And are you really giving up so easily on such a key plank in the bubblehead platform -- that the market began to tank at the end of 2005?

    Bubbleheads are getting desperate. Doesn't look like you're getting the collapse you're praying for; you'll say anything.

  9. Also, you seem to be mistaken about how many months there are from February and March to December.

  10. Anon 10:56,

    What analysis is suspect? I'm not sure where you're getting your data from to generate your question.

    Also, with new home sales, aren't sales recorded when a contract is signed rather than on closing? Making the time gap between purchase and delivery a non-issue?

    My $0.02.

  11. mytwocents,

    all numbers that don't show prices collapsing are inherently bad numbers.