Sunday, July 19, 2009

On vacation

I'm gone for summer vacation for the next two weeks. I'll be back in the first week of August. I have scheduled a few short posts to appear while I'm out, but David says he'll blog while I'm gone.

Here's my view for the next two weeks, assuming good weather:


  1. Where is this located? Enjoy the vacation.

  2. The URL for the picture says it is a place called "Seal Cove". Of which there are no doubt several across the country.

    It looks like a nice place to go to get away from it all..

  3. I hate nature, with the mosquitoes and other insects. Give me some AC, a beer, away from the kids, and that's all the vacation I need. Anyway, enjoy yourself!

  4. David said...
    "Where is this located? Enjoy the vacation."