Wednesday, October 18, 2006

BubbleSphere Roundup

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has just started certifying Resort & Second-home Property Specialists (RSPS). "RSPS certification will appeal to REALTORS in resort and second-home markets around the world who wish to distinguish themselves amongst their peers and amongst consumers. NAR currently defines a REALTOR specializing in resort & second-Home markets as “a real estate practitioner who facilitates the buying, selling, or management of properties for investment, development, retirement, or second homes in a resort, recreational and/or vacation destination.” Here is their FAQ.

Historical Graph of Housing vs GDP. Nice. :-)

How Local Real Estate Agents Deceive the Public

Realtwhores?. Discussed @

New Construction Report @ Paper Dinero.


  1. David,I found this information on new homes in Anacostia interesting and wanted to share.

  2. okay ... I KNOW I commented last night on how immature the person with the Realtwhore blog must be to find amusement in how others market themselves.

  3. originaldcer said...
    "David,I found this information on new homes in Anacostia interesting and wanted to share."

    Alright bubbleheads ... here's your chance! It's not everyday that you are going to find large 4-bedroom houses selling in the District (or anywhere within the Beltway for that matter) for around the $500K mark! For those of you looking at a home as an investment, this is a fortune waiting to happen. The turnaround in these close-in areas that developments such as this will spark in these previously blighted areas will ensure that your monetary investment here doubles, triples, or quadruples in the next 10 years! Personally, I'd rather have less space and be in a less transitional area. But then again, I don't look at home buying as an investment but instead as an expense. However, for those of you that do, this is your golden opportunity! Never mind that you'll need to worry about getting shot at for the next 5 to 10 yrs ... It's a small price to pay for a return on your "investment"!

  4. Lance why don't you take a home equity loan and buy it... Oh wait, you probably don't have any home equity! IO loan, prices in dc down over 9% since you bought last august. Begging bubbleheads to buy property to drive up your home value wont help. Its too late.

  5. Lance,

    I actually agree with you...not necessarily about the 500k price because that's well out of my personal price range and I am a first time buyer with nothing to sell...but I think that putting those homes in that community is smart. I am actually looking to purchase in Anacostia as a comeback kid. I hope those homes draw in new people to SE who can act a anchors for the community. Only time will tell. Yes, it is a transitional area, but so is Shaw, Columbia Heights etc. It is important for the future evolution of the city that we no longer have entire quadrants which only include large numbers of poor people. Hopefully this will be the first step towards true mixed housing. Sorry I know a lot of that was off tangent.