Friday, February 20, 2009

Michelle Malkin defends renters (again)

I usually dislike Michelle Malkin, but she is one of the few people in either political party standing up for renters. Here she questions the wisdom of President Obama's bailout of irresponsible homeowners:
How is this fair to renters and home owners who had the foresight to take on loans they could afford? ...

Why is it government’s role to take my money to fund someone else’s property value preservation?
Unlike the Republicans in Congress, she has been consistent in opposing the bailout of irresponsible homeowners.

Many people say we should feel sorry for irresponsible homeowners facing foreclosure. I was kicked out of my home during the upside of the bubble so my apartment building could be converted to condos, so I have no sympathy for people getting kicked out of their homes because they bought more house than they could afford. Why should we have a double standard?


  1. The economy is the bigger issue. Want to fix the economy? Suck. It. Up.

    If you don't have useful skills, yet think you're entitled to a high standard of living; think again.

    We're reverting to fundamentals in more areas than just the housing sector.

  2. Michelle Malkin is one of the most delicious-looking women (with a brain) in the country. I find that it is possible to simultaneously "like" her and not like her.

  3. I don't care what she looks like - most of the time her rants border on being fascistic.

    I suspect she is only defending renters simply because she is opposing Obama. If it hadn't been for the bill, she wouldn't give a rats about the subject.

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