Friday, November 14, 2008

Bits bucket for Friday, November 14

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  1. "uh-huh...IEA, is one, unusally bearish, and two, never accurate.

    Please go back to posting 2 year old CIA reports on energy demand."

    Mmmm, you're sexy when you're angry. Does your double chin start to quiver when you read my prose?

    One, the recent IEA report is unusually bearish. You said it yourself. Why? Because fundamentals of the global economy are changing. (for evidence, read the headlines)

    T. Boone Pickens gave an interview to Stephen Colbert this week. (To those who don't know, T.B. Pickens is a billionaire oil tycoon who is actively and agressively, trying to eliminate the US reliance upon foreign oil, calling it "unsustainable".) During that interview, he looked at Colbert and said "oil will be over $100 per barrel within a year."

    You can see it for yourself at

    Goodnight, my jiggly-faced friend!