Sunday, November 23, 2008

Flashback 2006-2007: Peter Schiff warned of danger

Cool video: Peter Schiff warned of financial and economic danger. Others laughed at him.


  1. The pundits on the show that criticized Schiff should be unemployed. But at certain levels of our economic feudal system that never occurs.

  2. that video is excellent.

    gawd bless the net!

  3. Actually those were lost conservatives, repeating the "fundamentals of the economy are sound" lines Bush and McCain kept giving us.

  4. Great video.

    I agree with Shiff's views in general. However, if you see his other comments, you will see his solution is to let everything fail and then pick up the pieces. That is the way for the economy to get fixed, however, that fix creates great social upheavals, including fascists, leftist, gun-toting criminals, and other kinds of crap. This recession followed by slow growth, maybe inflation and a prolonged drop of the dollar (I agree with most of his conclusions) will be bitter, but softening the blow even if it will be somewhat prolonged seems to be the best choice.

    It's interesting how he's so anti-Obama, as if Obama created the problem or decided to throw money at it first.