Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bits bucket for Thursday, November 6

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  1. Yesterday, after I posted a blog post saying that Obama should choose John McCain as his Secretary of State, one commenter stated that the post "revealed James' bias to Bubblemeter readers".

    Let me reveal my true political bias with a photo of my car's bumper in January 2008. Keep in mind that the primary race was full of contenders on both sides. At that time, Democrats were still running against Democrats, and Republicans were still running against Republicans.

    Here's my car's bumper (with my license plate number blanked out).

    By summer, the Obama bumper sticker had been covered over with a Mark Warner bumper sticker. In September, a week after Sarah Palin was picked as the VP candidate, I removed the McCain sticker. In late October, I placed an Obama sticker where the McCain sticker used to be. That is how I voted.

  2. Nissan Sentra - that's a good, reliable car.