Monday, November 24, 2008

McMansion Watch: For Sale McMansion

I'm not sure if this qualifies as a McMansion, but it sure is ugly. This unlovely home, with a pavement and dirt lawn, can be yours for only $879,320. It is located in Warren County, Virginia.


  1. Is that a little island of vegetation in the midst of he asphalt?

    This is by far the sexxxiest mcmansion yet.

  2. I like it.

    I'd be happy to live there.

    Slap on some solar panels and a water reclamation plan and I'd love to live there with my family.

    I have no problem with McMansions.

  3. At least the roof overhangs and pitch are appropriate for the area.

    That said the only thing worse than stucco is faux stone. I can see that snout facia peeling back and crushing the speedboat that won't fit in the garage.

  4. All the activities based on getting something-for-nothing are dead or dying now, in particular buying houses and cars on credit and so it should not be a surprise that the two major victims are the housing and car industries. Notice, by the way, that these are the two major ingredients of an economy based on building suburban sprawl. That's over, too. We're done building it and the stuff we've already built is destined to loose both money value and usefulness as the wrenching transition goes forward.

  5. "Slap on some solar panels and a water reclamation plan and I'd love to live there with my family."

    Eeeww. Did you say family? Don't let the Gay Oil Guru hear that! (He, of the Italian-ate home in the city center. He, of the Sport-Ute in the city center).

    Gay Oil Guru is better than breeders like you. He and his lovers; past, present, and future, all despise breeders, for the ecological havoc they wreak upon our home planet. Good thing GOG and his lovers had parents, though, else they would not be able to look down their noses at breeders (like their own parents). But we'll ignore that little detail because it undermines our entire world-view.

    (not to mention that only homosexuals are intelligent enough to get out of the gene pool permanently!)

    Fuckin' heteros. They want to "live with their families" Go figure.

  6. John - I have no problem with families. My only comment was (and continues to be) despite my large house and gas hog car, due to the fact that I am a single (and my line will die with me), my carbon footprint is far far less than those that reproduce. This is a fact that no amount of insluts will ever change.

    BTW - look closely at my past posts - not once did I suggest if I was gay or not? It was assumed I was (as it was assumed I lived in exurbia). We know how that assumption turned out. How do you know I am not a divorcee or a widower?

    I dont plan on tipping my hand now - for the time being, I will continue to leave you in the dark as to whether I am gay or not. However, I am now and forever shall be known here as the GAY OIL GURU!!!

  7. Yes, that is a McMansion.

  8. Why not run the McMansion as a bed and breakfast? I don't think the zoning would be an issue.

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  10. If you think that's bad check this bad boy out:

  11. Love the mcmansion watch posts. The usually make me laugh and shake my head at the thought that some people actually find them aesthetically pleasing