Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bits bucket for Thursday, October 23

Please post your thoughts, links, and MLS/Craigslist finds here.


  1. So...anyone going to look at houses this weekend?

  2. Check out this listing: MLS# MC6898955

    I looked at this last year, I wish I could remember the asking price then. What strikes me is that the current price, which has already been lowered, is the same as the price of a house that sold a block a way. The house down the block, 9510 Hale, was not nearly as nice as this house. I'm pretty sure that last year's asking price was close to 500.

    If you google the address "2220 Osborn" plus 20910, you'll see that there are two other MLS numbers for that house, and neither of them are for the listing that it was last year. So this house has been listed and pulled from the MLS at least four times since last October.

    And I'm supposed to trust NAR and other statistics? Nobody will know what really happened until much later.

  3. The latest acronym to save us all:

    In the film the Godfather Michael Corleone hatches a plan to take over Società Generale Immobiliare, the Vatican controlled mega conglomerate that holds various real estate and debt instruments. It is implied in the film that Immobiliare can forgive debt through Vatican influence, hence the interest by the Godfather.

    My plan for the US financial system is to ask the Vatican to forgive all the debt of our homeowners, all the crap paper we sold all over the world. In addition I would implore the Vatican to guarantee all the money market funds, all the commercial paper, all overnight bank lending, all modified mortgages, all 401k's, and all stock market losses going back to last August. This plan is called "God Ordains No Eventual Responsibility" or G.O.N.E.R for short.

    I am not poking fun at religion here, but I am trying to make a point. The lengthy laundry list of bailouts and wild guarantees above are in fact being attempted by our bankrupt government. Another day, another acronym. If total absolution seems silly to you, then why does false guarantees by a broken government make any more sense?

  4. Looking to buy a home, and tour houses several times a week. Finding the new ones too expensive, and older houses need so much work, they become as expensive as new ones unless you can do all the work yourself.