Friday, October 31, 2008

Renters support Obama over McCain by 5-to-2

Apartment renters back Barack Obama for president almost 3-to-1 compared with John McCain, according to survey results released Tuesday by, an online listing service.

With the widespread housing market troubles, the survey’s results may come as no surprise as 90% of renters said the national economy is the most important of their top three issues. Health came in at 59%, and the Iraq War at 53%.

Among renter respondents, 59.1% said they back Obama, another 23.2% John McCain, 9.2% preferred not to answer, 5.6% are undecided, and rest responded "other."
Dividing 59.1 by 23.2 gives us an Obama/McCain ratio of 2.547 to 1. That can be rounded to 3/1 or, more precisely, 5/2.

Also, The Economist—a longtime admirer of John McCain—has just endorsed Barack Obama.

I'm curious to see who Bubble Meter readers support. Leave your thoughts in the comments section.


  1. McCain / Palin 2008 !!!

    No doubt about it!

  2. McPalin all the way!

    To steal from Churchill, if you aren't liberal in your youth, you have no heart, if you aren't conservative in maturity, you have no brain.

    Be nice to meet somewhere in the middle instead of swinging to extremes over and over, but that's just the way it is.

  3. Does it matter? If Obama becomes President how much will he be in control of or influence over the House Dems like John Murtha, or Senate Dems like Ben Nelson of Nebraska?

  4. none of the above.

    both corrupt entrenched party standard bearers are whores to Wall Street and get on their knees for the Fed/Treasury. they both voted to give $700 billion to the banking executives which is now being used to payout bonuses and shareholder dividends.

    and the Fed's going to swap $25 billion in Treasuries with Mexico, South Korea, Brazil, and Singapore for their worthless toxic garbage!? and that's $25 billion each. i guess that Democrat Representative from California was right about bailing out foreign entities. and where'd we get that money? oh yeah, we mortgaged our first born children.

    vote for that? no f'ing way.

  5. million said...
    "vote for that? no f'ing way."

    Bob Barr, then?

  6. probably Barr, their message is attractive if not the messenger. but no delusions here, it's a protest vote.