Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bits bucket for Tuesday, October 21

Please post your thoughts, links, and MLS/Craigslist finds here.


  1. has anyone else played the chicken pox game on Redfin? it's a lot of fun.

    here's how to play:

    1. get on RedFin
    2. set the map so only north Arlington between the Potomac river, 123, and I66 is showing
    3. set the parameters to houses only from $0 to $500K maximum price
    4. observe
    5. now change the price parameters to $500K minimum and no max
    6. yell out, "HEY! you gave my computer screen chicken pox!"
    7. laugh

  2. You should have tried that 2 years ago. Back then it was a sea of red! My how times have changed.

  3. it's still a pretty thick sea of houses, i wish i had seen it two years ago to compare.

  4. Its now about 2/3 what it was 2 years ago. At least we are now seeing (on average) 10% off sales prices of 2 years ago. I only wish it was about triple that!