Monday, April 03, 2006

BubbleSphere Roundup

There is so much great material being published in the BubbleSphere. It is hard to choose from. Here goes:

Housing Panic shows this wonderful chart which shows that the majority of US Treasury Debt is now held by foreigners. Ouch. :-(

Bankrate is a terrific site that has a wealth of wonderful information about various type of loan products.

The Boy in The Big Housing Bubble has interesting piece about house raffles.

Super post about the Sacramento housing market.

BubbleTrack has a post titled 'Realtor To BubbleTrack: "It's Scary"' where a realtor called the amount of inventory 'scary.'

Finally, Bubble Markets Inventory Tracking blog has been tracking bubble markets and announced that housing inventory hit 40,000 in Phoenix metropolitan area. Phoenix is very bubblicious. The OCRenter notes "The inventory is starting to catch up to LA county. yet we are looking at a population base just a bit more than 1/3rd the size of LA county. very scary time for those Cali flippers in Phoenix... or is it Phoenix flippers in Cali..."

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