Sunday, April 16, 2006

Update: Seller Refuses to Lower Price

The house located in Skokie, IL that I have reported about twice has still not sold.

Falling Sign, Falling Price. (1/1/06)
Update: House For Sale in Skokie, IL (3/10/06)

The hefty 699K price tag still stands as there have been no more price reductions. The MLS number is 06003346. Clearly the seller is in no rush to sell it. Iif they want to sell it in a reasonable amount of time they need to significantly lower their price.

Will it sell at 699K?

No way.


  1. Who can afford to buy that in IL? I wouldn't pay that price in Westchester!

  2. Yes, we are still in the "denial" stage. It may last 2-3 years. Who knows?

    A Redskins fan