Wednesday, April 12, 2006

On Vacation & Thank You

Postings will be light over the next week as I am on vacation. These past few weeks have brought a tremendous amount of evidence that in the bubble markets there will not be a soft landing but rather a hard landing.

Thanks for reading my blog. A big thank you to all the posters who leave very insightful comments. I and other readers have learnt much. :-)



  1. Enjoy the vacation David! It's well deserved.

    Avoid those Internet cafes. Step away from the blog!



  2. Break a leg.

  3. You should have a guest blogger mind the store while you are gone.

  4. Why do the principles that apply to home prices in a booming market (i.e., location, location) suddenly not apply in a down market?

    Actually, I think they do. Drive around Logan Cirle in DC and you'll see lots of properties that contracted within a week or two of listing. Case in point - a lovely two bedroom right on the circle, for upper $900s, contracted within a week of the open house.

    So glad I have my 2000 square feet on the south side of Logan Circle (purchased in 1999). I think I'll keep it for decades to come and just enjoy the area.

  5. Hope you are having a good time out there.

    You should have asked some fellow bloggers to cover the site in your absence, we would have been glad to help out.

    Northern NJ Real Estate Bubble

  6. More than half, 54 percent, of home purchased with mortgages in DC were interest-only loans in 2005, accroding to Loan-Performance.