Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Washington Post Express Quotes Bubble Meter

Bubble Meter Blog was quoted in the Washington Post Express today.

"People are being financially squeezed due to the high gas prices. The more people spend on gas prices the less they have or [are] willing to spend on housing. This really is the 'perfect storm.'"

BUBBLEMETER.BLOGSPOT.COM Thinks rising gas prices coupled with already high housing costs present an economic doomsday scenario for the United States.
The recession is coming soon. Be warned. :-(


  1. Oh shut up already with the never-ending gloom and doom. The two recent mentions in the Post are really going to your head. Focus on actual analysis and not O'Reilly-style bloviating.

  2. David,

    Do you know of any sites that specifically track condo pricing in the DC Metro area?

  3. sardines said
    Oh shut up already with the never-ending gloom and doom.

    Gloom and doom? I think not. The possibility of a recession is real.
    Let's look at some facts. Lofty house prices, high personal debt, high fuel cost, rising interest rates. Inflation and/or increased business closures will happen. I can't help but conclude there will be a major increase on foreclosures and lending institutions are going to take a hit. Remember the S&L crisis of the early 90s (very similiar).
    I don't see how the economy will have an optimistic future based on these conditions. Is there anything that you could think that are signs of a good economic future? I don't know for sure what will happen, but I do know that we are skating on thin ice!

  4. You know what we should all be truly concerned about?

    The fact that glaciers in Alaska... 150 feet thick and miles long... are GONE. They aren't coming back.

    Now, for those of you who are really on the ball... the question isn't "when will the bubble burst?" The question is "where on the planet should I move to have the best chance of surviving the coming heat, high water, and food shortages?"

    If you aren't going to be affected by global climate change, I think it is fair to say that the average third grader is going to lead a very different lifestyle from her parents (one in which pandemics and food and energy shortages are commonplace)

    Now where were we? Oh yeah, we're rooting for housing prices to fall.

  5. Foreclosures across the country are up 74% from a year ago. It is only going to get worse....

  6. "Oh shut up already with the never-ending gloom and doom."

    I'm not a doom and gloomer, but rather a realist. Not a depression, but rather a significant recession.

    "The two recent mentions in the Post are really going to your head."

    I post here not to gloat. But rather to record and share the economic activism which is the very heart of what this blog is about.

    "Focus on actual analysis and not O'Reilly-style bloviating"

    Don't like O'Reilly.

  7. If people are freaking out about an extra $100-200 per month for gasoline, imagine what will happen when their ARMs re-set.

  8. Chip,
    Hopefully people are re-financing to fixed before those ARMs re-set. Somehow I doubt it though.

    Congrats on making it to Express, too. I hadn't seen that one.

  9. I look at the housing market collapsing with some optimism: The real estate bubble actually hurt the US economy in several ways by making housing unaffordable and causing people and drying up capital that could have been invested in productive industries.

    High fuel prices also have been said to help developed nations such as the U.S. compete in a world market since this is a fraction of the cost of doing business. Most of the cost of a product in the states is labor and, of course, real estate.

    I think the left tends to focus upon doom and gloom because they want a big government to save the world anyway so the more the sky is falling, the more of a chance they'll get the unwashed massed to put their savior in power (it's funny then when they bitterly complain about GW using "terror" to stay in office. That's unfair!)

    The icebergs-are-melting routine is just so 90's and as old as Al Gore's beard.

  10. um, err, uh, the federal government is bigger now than it has ever been. ever.

    look into it.

    (and they aren't melting. they melted. fact. look into it.)

  11. So if the 'bergs have melt, what's the big deal about? Wasn't there supposed to be a 50 foot rise in the oceans?

    Now about the federal government. You have a point there. GW is a moderate who threw trillians at drug programs for senior citizens and failed federal education. Sheesh! He should have just flushed the money down the toilet!

    But again, the sky hasn't fallen (amazing to me.) Job growth in the states is far better than, say, France or Germany. It's possible that this is all a function of the U.S. sucking but not sucking as much as socialist Europe or even China.

    As much as I would have liked to have seen GW really exercise his political capital wisely, flushing the money down the toilet has helped keep it from being spent on politically useful socialist projects such as national daycare and healthcare. Middle class redstaters don't need these programs to have more children.

    "Always look on the bright side of life..."

  12. Wow. Would you beleive that I was pulling the trigger on a (legal) semi-automatic in a red state last week? It's true.

    Are you as "red" as that?

    He's not a moderate - he's a detached radical. (See : Harriet Miers & the conservative backlash to her nomination for one example)

    He's also in his last thoes; grasping for an issue that will give him a chance to keep his head above water. And what is he grasping at? Renewable energy!

    Now, you can discount global climate change all you want (see; NOAA predictions for this season's hurricanes), but you can't argue with the fact that A MAN, OUR PRESIDENT, WHO LITERALLY KISSES AND HOLDS HANDS WITH SAUDI ROYALTY AND IS HIMSELF AN OIL MAN, is turning toward a logical path for future policy. He isn't turning to logic because that is where he wants to be. He is turning in that direction because it is a shot at saving his place in history.

    Watch for more talk from W(and perhaps some action?) about national security, the environment, and the economy being tied to renewable energery here in the US. Yes, he's that radical.

  13. "Semi auto" means quite simply that a single pull of the trigger releases another round. In other words, guns made since the late mid-1800's. The DC metro area had the strictest gun controls in the nation combined with the highest gun murder rates. Everyone knows why but it's unPC to say so.

    Anyone, even foreigners, can "pull the trigger" on a "semi auto". There are many firing ranges that rent pistols. Did you feel frightened to pull the trigger? Too much power for ya? I don't blame you: Most leftists want big brother government to take care of them and tell them what to do.

    In regards to GW being a "detached radical". I wish he was. You're right: He grasps for issues but this has been going on since day one with the liberal spending I mentioned before. In other words: nothing to see here! Move along! Move along!

    It's clear that GW didn't win the last two elections by being moderate. Few leftists recognize him as such. He won because of conservative agendas that are now so mainstream that democrats want to try to own them and appear moderate: Lower taxes and national defense. He owns those. He can stumble along on everything else and squeak by. I suppose it's like getting a C--.

    Watch for more talk from W(and perhaps some action?) about national security, the environment, and the economy being tied to renewable energery here in the US. Yes, he's that radical.

    I wonder: How is this really "radical". Isn't such an agenda falling right into mainstream Democratic party line?

    Other radical things: more money for senior healthcare and federal education. How RADICAL!

    The keywords here are "national security" and "the economy". Even if he says he wants space aliens to help with those, the important thing is that he's showing the great unwashed he's talking and thinking about them. Hillary can talk until she's blue in the face about "securing our ports" but that insincere posturing won't get her any further with the electorate than GW blowing real money on medicaid and education has helped him with the left.

  14. Semi-auto means a banana clip with wad cutters in a mid-western state where they don't serve sushi. (i know i know, you are about to faint at the thought of such incivility)

    they have these things called "airplanes" and they fly to and from "airports".

    do you get out much?

  15. I just re-read your post. you are ignorant.

  16. From dictionary.com:
    Partially automatic.
    Ejecting a shell and loading the next round of ammunition automatically, but requiring a squeeze of the trigger for each shot. Used of a firearm.

    I'm sure it must be really convincing to undecided middle class white red-state voters when leftists condescendingly inform them that the only way they can escape from ignorance is to kowtow to their beliefs. It's worked wonders twice so far.

    Has anyone seen Man-Bear-Pig around?

  17. You are ignorant. That isn't "name calling", it is a state of being.

    Look up the word "ignorant" on dictionary.com

    (oh, and my trigger finger moves very quickly)

  18. Wouldn't most name callers say the same thing? That the terms they use for the targets of their slurs are merely a state of being?

    The ignorant at least have an excuse for being foolish. People who have intelligence and education who use these talents to rationalize pseudo-marxist fluff are worse than the quaint religious fanaticists they redicule. At least the religious nuts didn't have to get a degree to buy into their nonsense. They saved a lot of time and money!